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Tuscany Flooring

Palmetto Road hardwood flooring from Twenty & Oak

Want to see the Tuscany Hardwood Flooring Collection up close? Order samples from Twenty & Oak or locate a dealer today to visit in person.

Smoked French Oak

With an unprecedented clarity to the natural wood grain, the ultra-high-definition Tuscany Collection by Palmetto Road will stop visitors in their tracks! This stylish smoked French oak series combines a number of dazzling elements to create exceptional hardwood beauty. For starters, the longer, wider engineered French oak planks highlight fascinating color variations and elegant wire-brushed characteristics. This deep, rich color is achieved by a smoking and antiquing process performed by talented artisans. read more

For the distinctive grain, each Tuscany Flooring option receives 8 coats of Bona super low gloss finish which also seals and protects the surface. Not only are these smoked oak floors perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room, they are ideally suited for homes with kids, pets, and high traffic areas. There’s no need to sacrifice the smoked wood look you love for the performance that your household requires!

The Tuscany Flooring collection features longer and wider planks to accentuate the soothing modern color palettes and showcase even more of the smoked and antiqued wood grain visual. The ultra-transparent finish allows the gorgeous tones and wire brushing to take center stage for fabulous design possibilities. From the natural, light Nola and Fondi, to the medium Marino and Modena and deeper Spoleto and Verona varieties, each finished floor features breathtaking color variation you simply must see to behold. With a 50-year residential and 5-year light commercial warranty, your high-definition Tuscany Flooring will stay distinctively beautiful while serving your home with reliable performance.

Available exclusively in the Southeast, Palmetto Road flooring is well-known for its enduring beauty and painstaking attention to detail. Palmetto Road hardwoods are reasonably priced and handcrafted by artisans, making them a fine investment for the home. The perfect combination of striking visuals, durability, and long-lasting performance, there is a Palmetto Road hardwood variety to suit every design style, budget, and household needs. Peruse Palmetto Road’s stunning hardwood collections, including smoked French oak Tuscany Flooring, and discover an array of distinctive visuals, ranging from Southern traditional to contemporary design.

Why Choose Tuscany Flooring by Palmetto Road?

Durability is just the beginning with Palmetto Road’s Tuscany Flooring hardwood collection. This assortment of engineered French oak flooring combines wire-brushing, a super low-gloss finish, and an eye-catching smoked and antiqued treatment to achieve the depth of color and subtle elegance. The engineered plank construction also boasts 1/2” thickness, a 2 mm sliced face veneer, 7.5” width, and 75” length. Easy to install, Tuscany Flooring can be installed as glue-down, nail-down, staple-down, or a floating floor. Tuscany Flooring also comes with a 50-year Residential warranty and a 5-year Light Commercial warranty.