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Shown: Woodlands, Arbor
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Why Choose Hearthwood Flooring?

To protect the natural wood against scratches, scuffs, and the everyday wear and tear that comes in an active home with kids and pets, Hearthwood hardwood flooring is also finished with premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane. In addition to offering exceptional durability when you need it most, this Aluminum Oxide topcoat also provides valuable UV protection against discoloration. 

When it comes to fashion-forward interiors with enduring beauty, Hearthwood collections will elevate your favorite rooms with stunning texture and character! Rich in history and tradition, the Franklin Collection is crafted from long-lived white oak and colored in a warm, ethereal palette that creates a timeless wire brushed aesthetic. To brighten up any space, the Au Naturelle Collection of white oak features a modern, airy palette finished with sheer stains. The stunning looks in the Dynamic Earth Collection will create statement-making oak floors full of eye-catching character, natural markings, and bold color shifts. You can use the dramatic color shifts of the Controlled Chaos Collection to mirror the work of chemically reactive stains across the oak floors. Natural hickory takes center stage in the longer, wider planks of the Tall Timbers Collection that beautifully showcase handcrafted texture and tonal highlights. Subtle wire brushed texture and the wide palette of timeless colors offered by the Tennessee Trails Collection create the perfect canvas for transitional, traditional, and modern designs. The versatile Woodlands Collection is designed in classic colors and features a low gloss finish with light wire brushed texture to produce a modern look.

Made 100% in the USA in Nashville, Tennessee, Hearthwood floors honor the tradition of hardwood as a material and are generationally minded regarding both the community and country. Known for nature-inspired designs, premium performance, and an emphasis on social responsibility, Hearthwood’s longstanding legacy of producing quality hardwoods has made them a top choice for quality hardwood flooring in many American homes and businesses.

When it comes to creating beautiful, enduring American-made hardwood flooring, Hearthwood floors offer innovative performance advantages that can greatly assist the modern family! Hearthwood planks are finished with WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that protects all six sides of the plank from everyday messes. Although most hardwood flooring will warp or cup when exposed to water, Hearthwood Hardwoods are undaunted by splatters and spills since WetWorx™ water-resistant technology prevents moisture absorption up to 250% more than competitive hardwood. From contemporary to traditional and everything in between, each attractive Hearthwood collection offers something for every style of décor.